Stock Status


We have semi finished stock for over 250 pieces. We can ship up to 25 pieces in 10 days or less. We can ship from 26-100 pieces in 21days or less and we can ship up to 250 in 30 days or less



1-5 pieces = $125.00 each

6-10 pieces = $100.00 each

11-25 pieces = $90.00 each

26-50 pieces = $85.00 each

51-100 pieces= $75.00 each

101-250 pieces= $67.00 each


Made in Indianapolis Indiana by Alexander Screw Products

These have been used by several Regional blood centers for over 10 years

Handles are anodized aluminum, hardware is all stainless, rollers are delrin

Use to strip donor blood from Collection tube and seal with crimp screw

Call 317-898 5313 or email to order.

Donor blood tube strippers

Blood center products by Alexander Screw Products